College Planning for High School Students: Quick Guide (Digital Download)


Contains 70 strategies to assist high school students in preparing for and being accepted into college and avoiding student loan debt. Provides a quick guide to the information contained in the book, A High School Plan for Students with College-Bound Dreams: Third Edition.

Students learn the importance of their academic coursework, extracurricular activities, developing their personal qualities, and using their intangibles to make themselves a competitive candidate for college admissions.

Students learn how to “package themselves” as the final step of being offered admissions and scholarships.

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Many students find themselves scrambling as high school seniors to take (or retake) the SAT or ACT in an attempt to raise test scores; rushing to submit college applications in response to emails or brochures received from colleges; and applying for national and highly competitive scholarships hoping for the best. Joining students in this mad scramble, are parents trying to find the money to pay for college and avoid borrowing thousands of dollars in student and Parent PLUS loans. 

Unfortunately, such actions are not “strategies” and the results are not favorable. Over half of all students will take out student loans to pay for college (89.6 percent of Pacific Islander; 86.4 percent of Black; 70.3 percent of White; 67.3 percent of Hispanic; and 58.7 of Asian students). 12 years after leaving college, on average, students will owe over 60 percent of their original student loan debt. This book, originally published in 2007, provides strategies that are even more valuable today to discover your debt-free college-bound pathway.