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College Planning Fast Track registration for high school seniors

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College Planning Fast Track for High School Seniors

Our Fast Track Program is only available to students who are participating in our College Planning Cohort Program. Non-participating students in need of college planning guidance should review our Personalized College Planning Guidance option.

Our normal consulting rates for students who are not registered in our program is $250 per session. While most students registered for our program do not require personalized consulting sessions, we are able to offer personalized sessions at the discounted rate fo $99.95 per session.

When purchasing a session, indicate the desired times in the instructions field at checkout. Please provide 2 – 3 optional times. After your purchase, someone from our office will confirm the date and time of the virtual session.

Pictured here is our younger son as an elementary school track and field athlete. Few people could have envisioned that he was on a fast track to being selected as a 2012 Gates Millennium Scholar as a high school senior. Consequently, long prior to his becoming a high school senior, he had already developed the “Body of Work,” i.e., academics, leadership, service, and gifts and talents, to become a competitive applicant for being offered admission to Morehouse College and being selected as a Gates Millennium Scholar.

Following are the services provided under this option:

  1. A review of a student’s transcript, résumé, and desired college list;
  2. Recommended additions/revisions to the student’s college list;
  3. Recommended Common Application Writing Prompt;
  4. 45 to 60 minute virtual session with student and parents; and
  5. An objective analysis of their body of work.

Students may purchased as many Fast Track sessions as required to guide the student’s development of a final college list; development of an institutional scholarship list; and overall college application packaging as deem necessary based on the colleges and scholarships to which the student plans to apply.

Which Option is Best for You?

Our goal is to personalize the college planning process as best as we can for students and families. In order to do so, and to avoid fees that exceed several thousand dollars, we simply require students to assess the amount of work they are willing to put into influencing their college and scholarship opportunities. In this regard, here is how we envision students benefitting from, or choosing from the available options:
Fast Track: Student believes, “I don’t really want to spend a lot of time on this ‘college stuff.’ I know where I want to go to school and I just need someone to help me with my essays and stuff.”
This option is for students who want minimum engagement, but would benefit from periodic conversations about taking a strategic approach to the development of their college and scholarship opportunities. Choosing this option requires that the student also choose the essay writing option so that the student develops an essay or personal statement appropriate for the colleges reflected on their final college list. 
Essay Writing Workshops: Students dread the process, “I know that I need help with my college essay. The idea of writing my essay in June or July, long prior to the beginning of my senior year sounds good to me.”
For such students, we provide a fully guided and edited college essay and they navigate the balance of the college admissions process independently.
Essay Writing Assistance (pricing varies): Students try to go it alone on writing their college and scholarship essays and eventually come to terms with the reality that few students are sufficiently prepared to write a 650-word Common Application essay or to respond to the multitude of writing prompts required by colleges or when applying for scholarships. K – 12 schooling does not sufficiently prepare students to write ‘strategically;’ or to engage in the necessary research to demonstrate how the students’ ‘Body of Work’ aligns with the college’s mission/vision. Unfortunately, most students choose this option close to their college and scholarship application deadlines.
For such students, we provide one fully guided and edited essay—either to support a college application, scholarship application, or specialized program (e.g., QuestBridge, Fly-in Program, etc.).
College Planning Boot Camp (Seniors Only): Student is curious, “I can commit 4 days to attending the all-virtual boot camp. I don’t have to do anything but get up at 9:00 am for 4 days. I have a lot of questions, so I want to know what they know.”
During the boot camp, rising high school seniors will be guided through the critical components of the college planning process, based on their “Body of Work.” Students will engage in a self-assessment of their grades, test scores, leadership, service, and gifts and talents to develop a ‘Matched’ college list and ‘Matched’ scholarship list; explore the array of available college programs (e.g., cooperative education, dual degree, honors colleges, domestic exchange, etc.); create their Common Application Account; and develop an academic résumé to support their applications and guide teacher recommendations.
College Planning Cohort (Seniors): Our 11-month college planning cohort program provides comprehensive guidance through the entire process, which includes developing a résumé, engaging in a self-assessment, developing a “Matched” college list, developing a “Matched” scholarship list, preparing for the application process, choosing the admissions cycles, writing a Common Application essay, completing the FAFSA, reviewing financial aid award letters, preparing for interviews, and meeting monthly with Discussion Group Leaders (typically volunteers or college interns), from June through May.
However, to make our College Planning Cohort Program affordable at $499.95 instead of $4,999.95, we require students to do the assigned work and “Own the Process.” Students who benefit best from our year-long program are those who are either pursuing selective college admission (e.g., Ivy League, Duke, Davidson, Wake Forest, University of Chicago, UNC-Chapel Hill, etc.); pursuing selective scholarships (e.g., NC A&T Dowdy; Cheatham-White; Ron Brown; Gates, etc.); want to expand their college list; or who are looking for the best options to reduce their reliance on family income or student loans.


Note: Registration fees are non-refundable. Please review our Terms and Conditions  prior to purchasing your registration. 

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