College Planning Cohort Registration (Seniors)


Senior year cohort registration (Sept – May)

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College Planning Cohorts (TM) is our national model. Developed by author, parent, and educational consultant, Mychal Wynn, for assisting students and families in ‘Owning’ the college planning process. Mr. Wynn draws from the latest student achievement and college access research, experiences of our students who are attending an array of colleges and universities, and conversations with college admissions and financial aid officers, to develop a comprehensive college-planning curriculum. 

The college planning activities for high school seniors are based on a time sensitive senior-year timeline. Activities cover such issues as:

  • How to approach essay writing
  • How to approach responding to writing prompts
  • Avoiding mistakes on the Common Application
  • Developing a core autobiographical essay, “My Story.”
  • Creating an email signature to promote your ‘Brand.’
  • Developing an Academic Résumé to serve as a college application and scholarship supplement.
  • Researching colleges and scholarships
  • Completing the FAFSA and CSS Profiles
  • Navigating Financial Aid
  • Registering with the NCAA Clearinghouse
  • Choosing Admissions Cycles
  • Identifying the best college match
  • Recommendation Letters and Teacher/Counselor Evaluations
  • Reviewing Award Letters
  • How to navigate college portals to ensure that you do not miss responding to important requests
  • Why you should order an IRS Transcript
  • What it means to have your FAFSA “Selected for Verification”
  • Making the ‘right’ enrollment decision

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