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Why we are not a scholarship program

If you review the listing of “The 10 Biggest Scholarships in the World,” you will find the amounts to vary between $1,000 and $50,000 with the competition for such scholarships being greater than being offered admission to Harvard or Stanford. Whereas, institutional scholarships at hundreds of colleges, which may be a great deal less competitive, may vary from $500 to over $200,000! While we have assisted 6 students in being selected as Gates Millennium Scholars, their combined scholarship tally does not approach the institutional scholarships being awarded each year to our students attending the University of Richmond, Northwestern, Williams, Swarthmore, Amherst, Vanderbilt, Tennessee State, or Xavier University of Louisiana.

College Planning Cohorts (TM) is our national model. Developed by author, parent, and educational consultant, Mychal Wynn, for assisting students and families in ‘Owning’ the college planning process. Mr. Wynn draws from the latest student achievement and college access research, experiences of our students who are attending an array of colleges and universities, and conversations with college admissions and financial aid officers, to develop a comprehensive college-planning curriculum. 


Considering that SAT/ACT Prep programs and private college advisers can cost well over $2,000 for a few days or hours of support, our program is affordable for most families at $499.95 per year. However, prior to purchasing a registration, we encourage you to review the stories of students on our homepage. What these students, as well as those students profiled on this page, have in common is that they are hard working. Our program only has value to those students who have a willingness to “Own the Process.”

“Owning” the process requires that students engage in the yearlong set of college planning activities provided in our on-line curriculum, focused on developing a 5-year middle-through-high school plan within a college/career context.

Activities provide guidance in such areas as:

  • Engaging in college/career research to provide context for developing a 5-year middle-through-high school plan
  • Engaging high school research to identify the programs, clubs, organizations, and activities to maximize the 4-year high school experience
  • Maximizing local and summer opportunities to maximize each student’s gifts and talents
  • Intentionally building their résumé during each school year
  • Using their résumé to set goals focused on desired college and scholarship outcomes
  • Developing high course schedules within a college and scholarship context

Please click onto the link below to download the Registration Welcome Instructions. Have your student follow the steps outlined in the “How to Begin” section.

Click here to download Registration Welcome Instructions  

Note: Please review our Terms and Conditions prior to purchasing your registration.

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