What We Believe

We believe in being both research-responsive and research-based. By so doing, we seek to identify research providing insight into the challenges teachers and parents are confronting in their efforts to increase student achievement and expand college access. Pictured on this page are some of the research studies which are used to guide strategic conversations and conceptualize strategies. For example, when research outlines the factors which contribute to Black male success in k-12 and higher education, a research response is to conceptualize school- or community-based strategies to emulate such factors. When research illuminates the challenges to expanding college access for lower-income and first generation students, a research response is to develop curricula that parents, teachers, mentors, and students can use to identify low-income and first generation friendly campuses.

A research-responsive model is based on five primary components:

  • Cultivate a ‘Conversational Community’ which seeks to engage in strategic conversations regarding the challenges to increasing student achievement and expanding college access
  • Identify the research to guide these conversations
  • Conceptualize a set of research-responsive and research-based strategies
  • Implement the desired strategies
  • Assess the outcomes

Mr. Wynn’s 30-year success as an educator, consultant, and parent has been guided by his commitment to, and belief in, this approach to teaching, learning, and parenting.