The two personal intelligences deal with how we understand ourselves and how we understand of others.

Understanding of Self (Intrapersonal Intelligence): Gifts reflected in a highly developed sense of self through the ability to achieve inner harmony, self-reflection, and internal focus. Such students are good at analyzing themselves and being in touch with their feelings; they are also good at focusing, concentrating, and thinking things through. They enjoy closing their eyes and focusing, concentrating, and engaging in inner reflection about how they feel about ideas, people, or events. They may also enjoy meditating and often prefer working alone or in small groups.

Andrea Alexander’s video, Intrapersonal Intelligence, uses an animated character to explain intrapersonal intelligence.

Understanding of Others (Interpersonal Intelligence): Gifts reflected in a deep understanding of the emotions and feelings of others as demonstrated by politicians, psychologists, counselors, coaches, and organizers. Such students are good at working with other people and working on group projects; they enjoy sharing their opinions, demonstrate a keen understanding of the opinions of others, and enjoy being a member of a team.

In the video, Dory’s Interpersonal Intelligence, an animated fish demonstrate’s her interpersonal intelligence through her relationship with other sea creatures.