Art and Design (Visual/Spatial Intelligence): Giftsreflected in highly developed abilities and creativity in such areas as visual and graphic arts, color coordination, fashion design, illustration, map-making, recognizing geometric patterns, photography, sculpture, and architectural design. Such students not only create mental images in their mind but also draw them; they are also creative and artistic with colors, interior decorating, graphic design, landscaping, or fashion design. These students have a vivid imagination, they oftentimes express this through drawing, painting, and creating sculptures.

The first video, profiles highly develop visual/spatial intelligence in art and illustration, while the second video profiles the artistic development of video game design.


Our older son, who received his degree in English from Amherst College, provides an example combining intelligences (i.e., verbal/linguistic and visual/spatial), common with graphic novelists. In fact, his pathway into one of the country’s top ranked liberal arts colleges began in kindergarten with his passion for drawing ‘stick people.’

Click here to see his artwork.