Math/Science (Logical/Mathematical Intelligence): Gifts reflected in a highly developed understanding of processes and problem solving and are demonstrated by scientists, researchers, mathematicians, and strategists in solving complex mathematical equations and scientific problems. Students who are highly developed in this area are good at analyzing and solving problems in subjects like math and science. These students enjoy figuring out patterns, matching similarities, computer programming, robotics, engineering, or doing crossword puzzles.

The first video reflects a program at MIT that is only available to students during the summer following the completion of 11th grade.

The second video also reflects a summer program at MIT available to female high school students, also during the summer following the completion of 11th grade..


Other videos demonstrating this intelligence:

  • Video:  Girls Who Code showcases a summer immersion program for high school girls
  • Video: Kevin Doe – DJ Focus is a West African inventor who built his own battery and radio station, and was invited to MIT
  • Video: Santiago Gonzalez is a computer programmer who jumped from the 6th grade to full-time college student at the Colorado School of Mines