The sharp contrast between the two videos, can provide insight into the importance of engaging in a realistic self-assessment and being intentional in choosing the colleges to which you apply.

In the first video, the student attributes very little to college planning, college selection, or to having developed any type of relationship with the colleges to which she applied for admission. Not to mention that this student does not mention anything whatsoever about the cost of any of the colleges to which she applied. Would the colleges have been affordable, if she had been accepted? Instead, she provides insight into the high possibility of being rejected from every college that you apply to if you do not engage in the appropriate research to ‘match’ yourself to the right colleges.

While the second video does not provide insight into how the students approached their college planning, the comments by the Amherst College Admissions staff suggest that the students were among the top applicants in the pool of college applicants to one of the most selective colleges in the country.