Sports, Dance, Gymnastics (Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligence): Gifts reflected in highly developed bodily movements as in athletics, dance, martial arts, performing surgery, and through skillful hand-eye coordination. Such students excel at things like sports, dance, gymnastics, martial arts, boxing, and working with their hands. They tend to have excellent body control and hand-eye coordination; they also enjoy a broad range of physical activities as well as activities in which they can build things.

In the first video, Simone Biles, 5-time U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Champion and 2016 U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist and World All Around Champion, provides an example of the years of commitment required to develop any gift or talent to the highest possible level of achievement. 

In the second video, professional basketball player, Stephen Curry, provides another example of the amount of work ethic and commitment required to fully develop any gift or talent.