Do not compare yourself to the students whose sample résumés have been provided, but carefully review the type of academic achievement, service, leadership, and awards that helped them to be offered admission to top colleges and big money scholarships. Using these students as examples from which you can develop a clear vision of what you desire your résumé to look like as a high school senior.

Click here to review and an example of how a student used the résumé activity to guide her in setting goals. The items listed on her résumé with an * are goals, all of which she ultimately achieved prior to submitting her résumé as a supplement to her Amherst College application (a school where she was ultimately offered admission and a full scholarship).

Click here to review the sample résumés of other high school seniors who were offered admission to top colleges and who qualified for large dollar scholarships.

Refer to these examples as you complete the Résumé Builder.