Lesson: Setup your documents.

Google Documents: We use Google Drive to manage and exchange documents. It is a secure platform and most students are familiar with how to create and share Google Documents. If the following instructions are unclear in any way, view the video at the end of this unit for a step-by-step guidance in properly copying, renaming, and sharing your profile and narrative document.

  • Click here to log into an existing Google account or to establish an account.
  • Click here to access the ‘My Profile’ form. This is an important form that you will maintain and share with people who are assisting you in the college planning process. Carefully follow each of the following instructions:
    1. The file is provided as ‘View Only.’ Go to the ‘File’ menu and select ‘Make a copy.’
    2. Replace ‘Copy of’ in the name of the document with your first and last name (properly capitalized).
    3. Select ‘SHARE’ to share your newly named document to cpc@collegeplanningcohort.com. You may also add the email address of your parent, mentor, counselor, or cohort facilitator.
  • Click here to access the ‘Antelope Valley College Classroom Narrative Document’ document. This document has been established to assist you in gathering your thoughts; creating drafts of your essays; and engaging in narrative reflection regarding some of the topics that will be referenced during the college and scholarship application processes. It is good practice to keep all of your narrative writing, essays, and writing responses in a single document for ease of retrieval. There are many essays and writing responses that you will use multiple times in applying to colleges and for scholarships. Instructions for how to copy, rename, and share the document are contained in the document.
  • Leave your documents opened: Remained logged into your Google Account and leave your ‘My Profile’ form and ‘Narratives’ documents opened in a browser window. You will begin completing the ‘My Profile’ form in Module 2: Unit 1. You will refer to your ‘Narratives’ document in Module 2: Unit 4.

Instructional Video