Activity:Planning Your Senior-year Course Schedule. Most students, with the assistance of their school counselor, should be able to develop a 7-year middle-through-high school course schedule. However, at the end of each semester, students should revisit their course schedule to assess their progress and determine whether changes are needed to the level and type of classes.

  • Critical Review: Review your senior-year course schedule and engage in a critical self-assessment:
    • Are the type and level of classes consistent with my college aspirations?
    • Is my schedule more on maximizing learning opportunities or allowing me to leave school early?
    • Is my schedule consistent with my college/career aspirations (e.g., math and science for STEM; music and art for creative arts; dual enrollment to earn college credit)?
    • Ask your counselor to review your schedule for the level of academic rigor.
  • Action: Return to your LCECHS Boot Camp Narratives form and complete the ‘Narrative: My Senior-year Schedule.