How you maximize your summers can significantly increase your competitiveness as a college applicant by allowing you to gain experiences in areas that relate to the brand or ‘hook,’ engage in enrichment programs, work, prepare for the ACT or SAT,  or accelerate or recover academic coursework. Our sons attended music camps, art programs, the Summer Institute for the Gifted (as students and counselors), Space Camp, leadership programs, and competed in AAU Track and Field competitions during the summer months from elementary school throughout high school.


Identify summer opportunities that are aligned with your gifts, talents, and interests.

Estimated time to complete: Undetermined; file behind the Intangibles tab.

Guiding Questions

  • How will I maximize my summer opportunities for developing my gifts and talents, pursuing my interests, or working to save money for college?
  • What are the available summer, pre-college, and volunteer opportunities relating to my gifts and talents or interests?
  • What programs will best support or further develop my becoming a competitive applicant for college admissions and for scholarships?