Welcome to the Paragon Academy College Planning Boot Camp. We are excited to be working with all participating students and very much believe that students will have an extraordinary opportunity to expand their understanding across a wide range of topics pertaining to the college planning, college admissions, and college scholarship processes.

The ‘Welcome’ quiz provides an example of the quizzes are assigned to most units.


Our objective is to provide activities that will be fun, but that will require a level of student engagement needed to deepen learning across an array of topics.

How the Boot Camp Will Work

The boot camp experience occurs across multiple levels:

  • Mr. and Mrs. Wynn will guide large group discussions and share information through PowerPoint Presentations.
  • You will complete online activities, that will require viewing videos, reading, small group discussions, narrative writing, and completing quizzes.
  • You will create an academic Résumé, in which you will share your current activities and awards, and have the opportunity to set personal, academic, extracurricular activity, and leadership goals.
  • You will engage in Jeopardy-style group competitions pertaining to what they should have learned.
  • You will create a ‘My Dreams’ poster board, group, or multi-media presentation to share what you have learned at a parent presentation on Thursday evening.


The ‘5-Day College Planning Boot Camp for Paragon Academy’ curriculum has been written by Mr. Wynn, the author of 28 books, 11 of which are focused specifically on college planning.

  • You will log into the classroom on our website (www.accessandequity.org) each day and complete the assigned activities through, “Final Activity – Day 1” (or Day 2, Day 3, etc.).
  • Quizzes, unless otherwise instructed, should be completed as a group activity. The goal of quizzes is not how to trick you into getting a low grade, but to guide a group conversation that will result in your learning as much as possible about each unit of student. A successful group discussion should result in a final score of ‘100’ for each student in the group.

Respect and Responsibility

Our College Planning Boot Camp and College Planning Cohort Programs are based on the foundation of respect and responsibility. Our rules are simple:

  • Demonstrate respect for yourselves, peers, facilitators and volunteers.
  • No bullying or putdowns. Our goal is to cultivate a supportive environment where all students learn and all are being supported in pursuing the college-bound dreams and aspirations.
  • Demonstrate responsibility in following instructions, whether they pertain to assignments, turning off cell phones, or navigating to the appropriate websites and online content.