Middle school is a particularly challenging time in the lives of my young people. While there are many reasons for young people to experience anxiety, one of the greatest areas of anxiety is in the area of personality types. No matter what teachers, counselors, and parents say to young people who frequently wish they were more like other young people in looks and personality, it is possible for any young person to develop an understanding of their personality.

No matter how many personality tests I take, I typically am identified as a INTP — Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Perceiving person. Perhaps this is why I chose a career as a writer. I enjoy my own company and feel comfortable in my own space. I do not desire to look like someone else or to be as popular as someone else. I like who I am and accept my personality. This activity will assist you in better understanding your personality and perhaps even better understanding the personalities of your teachers, parents, friends, and other students. 

Entering a new school year or school setting can be uncomfortable or even nerve-racking. Avoid believing that you have to blend in and be like everyone else. Take time to understand who you are, and better yet, to appreciate the very special person you are. Understanding yourself, together with identifying careers which provide the best “fit” for your personality are two important goals in the career planning process.

Recognizing and understanding different personality types can help you to get along with classmates today and co-workers in the future. Understanding your own personality can assist you in discovering and pursuing careers for which you are best suited. As a teenager, although many of my friends aspired to become rich and famous, my greatest aspiration was to become happy. What is you greatest aspiration?


Identify your personality type.

Estimated time to complete: 30 min.

Guiding Questions

  • Why do I appear to easily understand some people while being constantly confused by others?
  • Why do I easily get along with some people while always having conflicts with others?
  • What is the ideal situation for me to thrive as a student based on my personality?