Over the course of your high school experience, you have developed a profile of the type of student you are. Consider your profile as your, “Stat Sheet” reflecting who you are and what you have done during each year of high school across an array of areas, such as academics, leadership, service, and gifts and talents. 

The ‘My Profile’ form is a critically important form that you will create or update in this activity. The information contained on your profile form can be used to match you to colleges, scholarships, and for specialized programs and provide an information reference when completing college and scholarship applications.


Complete or update your ‘My Profile Form.’

Estimated time to complete: Undetermined

Guiding Questions

  • How does my profile match to the colleges to which I have, or am planning to apply for admission?
  • How does my profile match to the scholarships to which I have, or am planning to apply?
  • What are the strongest components of my profile that I may wish to highlight in my college or scholarship applications?
  • What components of my profile might I use to focus my scholarship research?