Students who have committed years to musical training or athletic development; engaged in spoken word or dance competitions; started a nonprofit or business; and committed themselves to stellar academic achievement have developed a clearly-define ‘Hook.’ Athletes are recruited and the same is true for musicians, dancers, artists, and students with top grades and test scores. This activity requires that you consider whether or not you have developed a ‘hook,’ and if not, is there an area that you believe you have the potential to develop a hook.

The ‘Video – Ways of Being Smart’ provides an overview of each of the areas in which you might demonstrate gifts or talents, which will be covered in this activity.


  • Engage in a self-examination of your gifts and talents and identify those areas that you may desire to continue developing in college.
  • Identify gifts and talents that may become your ‘hook’ for applying to college or for scholarships.
  • Write a narrative summarizing what you learned from this activity and your thoughts about further developing your gifts and talents.

Estimated time to complete: 1 hour.

Guiding Questions

  • What are my gifts and talents, and have I developed them to the level necessary to influence college admissions and scholarship opportunities?
  • Would I like to further develop my gifts and talents through my college experience?