Through the process of creating your résumé and developing your profile, you should have developed an idea of the type of student you wish to project to recruiters, admissions officers, scholarship providers, or employers. Strong letters of recommendation can provide an important component of your overall self-presentation. For example, with the students who volunteer at our church, their résumés highlight their many hours of service and we write stellar letters of recommendation attesting to their leadership, initiative, character, and impact on the community. If you are devoting long hours to a varsity sport, then you want a letter of recommendation from the coach. If you are participating in your school’s ROTC program, then you want a letter of recommendation from the Unit Commander. Letters of recommendation from boy or girl scout troop leaders, club advisors, and employers attesting to the type of character traits and leadership attributes that you wish to highlight will further support your efforts in developing a high quality ‘self-presentation.’

Estimated time to complete: Undetermined. 


  • Identify the individuals from whom you will request letters of recommendation.
  • Ensure that among these individuals are people in supervisory or leadership positions in the areas reflected on your résumé.

Estimated time to complete: 30 minutes

Guiding Question

Who are the teachers, coaches, counselors, or supervisors who are willing, and capable, of writing great letters of recommendation?