Over the course of participating in our program, you will work with a master document (6 – 8 Grade Classroom Narratives) in Google Docs that will contain a complete listing of all of your narratives. Pages in the document have already been given a heading to assist you in identifying the appropriate page in the document for the corresponding unit. The heading on each page corresponds to a narrative for a unit. The module and unit names will further assist you in identifying the correct page for writing your narrative responses.

The following instructions will guide you in creating your narrative document:

  • Ensure that you are logged into your Google Account.
  • Click here to access the narrative document.
  • Make a copy of the document, replace 'Copy of [Your Name]' with your name so that the new name of the document is 'John Smith – 6 – 8 Grade Classroom Narratives.' Take care to properly capitalize your name. It is important that you make an effort to use correct grammar and punctuation as you begin to develop writing skills that are to be expected of a college-bound student. Remember: The pronoun 'I' is always capitalized!
  • Select 'SHARE' in the upper right hand corner of your screen and enter the email addresses of all of the people to whom your document is to be shared, such as the course instructor (cpc@collegeplanningcohort.com), your mentor or facilitator, and your parent(s).
  • Note that the headings have been provided for all of the narratives that you will be asked to write throughout your enrollment in our program. For the heading of each of your narratives, always remove the brackets and replace whatever should be contained within the brackets, e.g., your name, the name of your organization, etc. 
  • Do not attempt to complete all of the narratives, only complete the narrative associated with an assigned unit.
  • Your first narrative requires you to answer the question, “Why College?” 

Note: Whenever writing your narratives, begin writing after the prompt so that your parent, mentor, or facilitator will know the prompt to which you are formulating your narrative response.