Over the course of the boot camp, you will work with a master document (Paragon Academy Boot Camp Narratives) in Google Docs that will contain your narratives, college research, and career research. Pages in the document have already been given a heading to assist you in identifying the appropriate page in the document for the corresponding activity. The first page will be used for the narrative document in which you will provide narrative responses to some of the various activities. 

Follow the following instructions to create your narrative document:

  • Click here to access the narrative document
  • Make a copy of the document and click onto the box ‘Share it with the same people’ (this will ensure that I have access to the document that you have created.
  • Replace ‘Copy of’ in the name of the document with your first and last name (properly capitalized)
  • Select ‘SHARE’ to confirm that the document has been shared to collegeplanningcohort@gmail.com
  • Replace [Your Name] with your name, when completing each narrative
  • Note that the headings have been provided for all of the narratives that you write over the course of the boot camp
  • Do not attempt to complete all of the narratives, only complete the narrative associated with an assigned activity.
  • Your first narrative requires you to answer the question, “Why College?”