Inside the Amherst College Decision Room

In the video, the information on the college applications being reviewed by Amherst College Admissions Officers, are taken from the 5 documents referenced in this activity: SAT/ACT Score Report; High School Transcript; College Essay; Recommendation Letter; and your Academic Résumé. In fact, your résumé, is the document, which allows you to objectively assess how competitive you are in being one of the students selected to move on to the final round.

Narrative: Considering the competitive nature of college admission, and how closely scrutinized each student's high school records, academic achievement, extracurricular activity involvement, leadership, and personal achievements are, refer to your narrative document and do the following:

Set up a new page in your Narrative Document with the following heading:

Name of your Cohort
Narrative: Assessment of My Updated Resume
Day Month Year

Cut and Paste each of the following 4 writing prompts into your Narrative Document.

Writing Prompt #1:What was my proudest achievement during the first semester of my junior year of high school? What makes this my proudest achievement? How did this achievement, strengthen or enhance my résumé? (250 – 500 words)

Writing Prompt #2:Based on what I learned from watching the Amherst College Admission video, do I believe myself to be a competitive candidate for selective colleges and universities?  If so, why? If not, why not? (100 – 250 words)

Writing Prompt #3: After reviewing the 5 résumé examples, which example did you choose to use as your template and why? (150 – 250 words)

Writing Prompt #4: Based on what is showing on your résumé, if you were applying to college today, what are your 3 strengths? What are your 3 weaknesses? Explain. (250 – 500 words)