Lesson: Write Your Story. The goal of this activity is for you to engage in self-reflection and write about your life. Contained within your life’s experiences are anecdotes and stories which may contain the theme of a great personal essay. Without regard word count, take as much time (or as many pages) as needed to tell your story.

Gather Your Thoughts: Review and consider the following as you gather your thoughts for telling your story:

  • How would you describe your family (e.g., parents, siblings, where you live)?
  • What are some of the unique things about your life (e.g,. living in a military family, being an immigrant, being a refugee, living through a natural disaster, having been homeless)?
  • What type of challenges have you faced (e.g., personal, financial, emotional, physical)?
  • What are your passions (e.g., subjects, athletics, music, dance, art)?
  • What are the gifts and talents that you have developed or wish to develop?
  • What are your hopes and dreams for the future?

Begin Drafting Your Story: Go to your Narrative document and write the first draft of your “My Story” essay. Prepare to write multiple drafts of your story.

Consider the following to guide your writing:

  • Early drafts, “Write your story from birth through today.”
  • First reviews, “Have I told my story in sufficient detail so that the reader gains insight into my life?
  • Secondary reviews, “Is there a core event that could become, 'The Story'?”
  • Early drafts of 'The Story,' should focus on what happened, how it affected you, what you learned, and the event(s) has shaped your life
  • Secondary reviews of 'The Story,' should focus on shaping the story of how your story has influenced what you have done and what you will contribute to a college community

Final Drafts: Review the following 'My Story' essays to guide your final draft: