Lesson: Complete the form, “My Profile (Austin ISD)”

Follow the following instructions to create your narrative document:

  • Click here to access the profile form
  • Make a copy of the document and click onto the box ‘Share it with the same people’ (this will ensure that I have access to the document that you have created.
  • Replace ‘Copy of’ in the name of the document with your first and last name (properly capitalized)
  • Select ‘SHARE’ to confirm that the document has been shared to collegeplanningcohort@gmail.com
  • You will need a copy of your middle school transcript or report card, to complete the ‘Academic Profile.’
  • Academic Profile
    • Enter total Honors, GT, Pre-AP, and Classes for High School Credit
    • Enter any academic awards or clubs
  • Middle School Classes Taken and Grades Earned
    • Enter any middle school classes taken for high school credit
    • Enter all classes taken throughout middle school
  • Extracurricular Activities and Awards
    • Enter any award related to your activities received during each year of middle school
    • Enter the date that you began the activity and the ending date (enter present for the ending date of any activity in which you are currently involved)
  • Leadership Profile
    • Enter all leadership roles throughout middle school