Activity: Honors Colleges. Your GPA and test scores may qualify you for admission into a college’s Honors College or Honors Program. Honors colleges may be specialized programs within a liberal arts college (e.g., the Honors College at Spelman College), a college within a university (e.g., the Honors College at the University of Alabama), or an honors college within an honors university (e.g., the Honors College at the University of Maryland-Baltimore County).

Honors colleges may offer scholarships, special dormitories, smaller class sizes, specialized curricula, leadership and personal development opportunities, mentoring, internships, and more personalized attention from professors and faculty advisors. Many students are invited to apply to honors colleges based on their 11th-grade PSAT, SAT, and ACT scores, the level of interest they have shown in the college through their requests for information, or based on the academic strength of their college application. Honors colleges and programs, must be carefully considered as they not only have criteria for qualifying for admissions, but criteria for qualifying to remain in the college or program, as well as qualifying for continued scholarship funding.

  • Video: Watch the video provided with this activity and complete the one-question survey summarizing whether or not you would consider a research universitiy among your college choices.

Additional videos about the honors colleges experience that you may choose to review: