Lesson: View the videos provided in this unit and identify the areas in which you believe yourself to be the smartest, most passionate, or to have the most highly developed gifts and talents. You must only choose to watch two of the videos as most people are fortunate to be highly gifted in one or two areas.

  • Research: Identify the clubs, organizations, programs, classes, honors, and awards associated with your gifts, talents, and interests available in your high school.
  • Reflect and Discuss: Talk to your parents, coaches, and teachers about your current gifts, or those you wish to develop, so that you may set goals and create an action plan of the type of classes or programs for which you should enroll or become involved. For example, one of our students joined the Harvard Debate Council, another student joined her school’s fencing team, while another student committed to pursuing her Girl Scout Gold Award.
  • Advanced Research: Some of the videos in this unit provide insight into college and pre-college programs. If you cannot find a program in your school or community, perform Internet searches on the phrase, “name of areas of interest + summer or pre-college programs” to identify programs in other geographical locations.
  • Develop a Draft: Make note of each club, organization, program, or award that you desire to pursue. You will refer to your notes when writing the narrative for this unit.