Lesson 1: Identify the method through which you will be submitting applications to each of your colleges.

  • College’s Website: Preview the college’s application portal to ensure that you have all required documents and are aware of the opening and closing of the application submission cycle.
  • Common Application: Used by nearly 800 colleges, many institutions only accept applications submitted through the Common Application:https://apply.commonapp.org/Login
  • Coalition Application: Used by more than 140 institutions (some of which also subscribe to the Common Application). The coalition’s platform offers students their own online “locker” — a private, secure space to store materials throughout high school that they may wish to share with colleges, and provides a simple process for qualifying for application fee waivers: http://www.coalitionforcollegeaccess.org/students.html
  • Universal College Application: Used by 16 colleges and universities: https://www.universalcollegeapp.com/
  • Common Black College Application: Allows students to apply to any number of the 53 HBCUs represented at the same time and for one $35 fee:http://commonblackcollegeapp.com/
  • Action: After deciding on an admissions cycle and method through which you will be submitting your application, make the updates to the your college tables in the ‘Module 12 – Narrative: Finalizing My College List’ pages of your narrative document.