Lesson: After watching the video clip for the documentary film “2 Million Minutes” engage in a group conversation about the following topics:

  • Assessment: How does the academic rigor of your school compare to the apparent rigor of Indian and Chinese schools profiled in the film clip?
  • Self-reflection: Do the American students provide any clues in regard to their attitude toward leadership and community service?
  • Self-reflection: In regard to your current study habits, with which group of students profiled in the film clip do you most identify (i.e., U.S., India, or China)?
  • Where is your greatest competition? Do you believe your greatest competition for being offered admission to top colleges will come from international students, private school students, students from other public or charter high schools in your state or students from your own school?

After completing your group discussion, complete the Lesson for this activity, which will direct you to summarize your thoughts in your narrative document.