In the video, a student discusses her dual degree experience. While most students begin college focused primarily on earning an associate’s or a bachelor’s degree, dual degree programs offer unique degree and learning opportunities for earning degrees in multiple disciplines or earning multiple degrees, such as:

  • Earning two undergraduate degrees from two different institution, typically in two disciplines such as physics and engineering. Some programs offer the opportunity to attend an undergraduate institution, like an HBCU, where you may be awarded one degree and attend another institution, such as the Fisk-Vanderbilt Dual Degree in Science and Engineering or Xavier University of Louisiana Dual Degree Program with multiple partner schools.
  • Earning an undergraduate degree and a master’s degree in an accelerated program.
  • A dual degree program can also provide a pathway into an Ivy League institution for students who may have otherwise been denied admission as a freshman applicant, such as the Dartmouth Dual-Degree Program with 20 other institutions.
  • Other programs offer opportunities to earn a master’s degree and a PhD. Programs span across the humanities, law, medicine, engineering, and other disciplines.

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