Over the course of your schooling, from elementary school through your current year in high school, you have developed a profile of the type of student you are. Your profile reflects the type of academic student you are, where you have focused your time, whether or not you have assumed leadership roles, and whether or not you have engaged in a significant level of service to your school or community.

Documents, such as your college or scholarship application, résumé, and recommendation letters will be reviewed by a college or scholarship committee. Collectively, the information used to complete these documents will reflect your profile. Through this activity, you will gather information to complete the ‘My Profile Form.’ Your profile form could be considered as your, “Stat Sheet” reflecting who you are and what you have done during each year of schooling across an array of areas, such as academics, leadership, service, and gifts and talents. You will update this document during each year of school as you earn grades, receive awards, engage in community service, and assume leadership roles.


Complete your ‘My Profile Form.’

Estimated time to complete: Undetermined

Guiding Question

  • What type of profile have you developed as a student in such areas as grades, course taking, community service, and leadership?
  • What type of awards have you received in such areas as academics, athletics, music, dance, community service, or leadership?