Participating in our College Planning Boot Camps is a very different experience than what students are accustomed to. Unlike a typical classroom of 18 – 22 students, a boot camp may have 40 – 60 students participating. However, unlike classes that students must take, boot camp participation is entirely optional. Participants must want to participate and must 'Own' the process.

Review the two videos provided in this lesson and take a quiz following each video to better understand the differences between the boot camp experience, which is based on authentic learning and the normal school experience, which is based on industrial age values.


  • Develop an understanding of the differences in expectations and desired learning outcomes between the boot camp and normal schooling.
  • Listen to the experiences of high school seniors following their boot camp participation.

Estimated time to complete: 20 min. 

Guiding Question

How easily can a student move from a tightly controlled classroom experience to functioning autonomously in a boot camp environment?