Developing a projected 4-year high school course schedule will require thoughtful consideration of such issues as:

  • What are the required core classes and elective class credits required to meet the Texas High School Graduation Requirements?
  • What are the type and level of classes expected by the type of colleges to which I would like to apply as a high school senior?
  • What are the level of classes (i.e., honors, AP, dual enrollment) in which I believe that I can attain a final grade of 'B' or higher?
  • What are the type of core classes that are most pertinent to my career aspirations and what are the elective classes that are most aligned with my gifts, talents, and interests?
  • Are there opportunities to take online or summer classes, in subjects like P.E. and health that will allow me to take more rigorous classes during the school year like an additional math or science?

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After developing a draft of your 4-year high school schedule, complete the next lesson with your projected course schedule and your goals for the the grades that you desire to earn in each class.

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