The Force and Motion Foundation is pleased to announce the opening of our second annual scholarship competition. Three $10,000 scholarship awards have been set aside for promising research involving multi-axis measurement or multi-axis testing. Two awards will be designated for graduate students at U.S. universities while a third award is open to students internationally.

Due to the overwhelming response to the Force and Motion Scholarship program in 2011, we are narrowing the range of subject material to orthopedic, cardiovascular and tissue engineering research in which multi-axis measurement or testing plays a significant role. It is our plan to identify different fields of endeavor with each scholarship cycle. The awards will be offered on a competitive basis; applications will be judged by the Force and Motion Foundation’s review board based on quality, scientific contribution and innovation.

Application Requirements
To be considered for these awards, each applicant must complete an online application at and submit all required materials by January 6, 2013:

  1. A completed application form
  2. An uploaded CV that includes:
    1. Relevant coursework
    2. List of publications
    3. Current GPA
    4. Results of any standardized tests (GRE)
  3. A 500-word abstract of a research proposal or research summary involving multi-axis force measurement and/or testing machines (You will be able to save your application form as a draft and return to it at any time). This should include:
    1. Specific aims and hypothesis to be examined
    2. Succinct overview of methods to be employed
    3. A brief explanation of why multi-axis force measurement machines will be essential to the study (as compared to single axis)
  4. An online recommendation by your academic advisor (this request will be generated and processed through your personal application page).

All awarded funds will be transferred to the appropriate fiscal department at the recipients’ academic institutions and released based on active enrollment and good academic standing. Scholarship funds must be directly applied to qualified higher education expenses such as tuition, fees, books, and supplies or equipment required for enrollment or attendance at the US academic institution. Scholarship funds cannot be used to support travel costs or salaries. (However, the Force and Motion Foundation also awards travel scholarships on a quarterly basis as part of its Virtual Poster Session program.)