About Our Program

Our eLearning program is designed to quickly deliver content to students and engage students, parents, teachers, counselors, and mentors in a collaboration around each students’ postsecondary college/career aspirations. Our focus is on all aspects of proper postsecondary planning.

Our content covers such topics as:

  • Setting school-year goals
  • Course scheduling
  • Extracurricular Activity Involvement
  • Gifts, Talents, Interests, and Aptitude
  • Leadership Development
  • Summer Programs

Students engage in over 30 activities, across an array of topics, designed to assist them in crystallizing their college-bound plans. Parents, teachers, counselors, and mentors are part of the overarching collaboration in assisting students with achieving their goals, operationalizing their action plans, and developing the skills necessary to rise to the top of their high school class and be prepared to be a successful college student.

While our 2018/19 Course Offerings are designed to support our College Planning Cohort Program, any student, parent, teacher, or counselor may register (Click Here).

While current courses focus on comprehensive college planning, future courses are being develop to focus on such topics as essay writing, how to develop a high quality self-presentation, and interviewing skills.