2019 GCS Boot Camp

Participating students will be able to complete each day’s scheduled assignments as part of developing a 4-year college-bound plan.

2019/20 High School Senior Classroom

Class will reopen on September 1. Registration opens on August 1. Modules are aligned with the senior-year timeline, providing comprehensive guidance through applying to college, writing essays, establishing a Common Application account, choosing admission cycles, completing the FAFSA and CSS Profile, accessing college online portals, comparing financial aid award letters, and negotiating financial aid awards. 

Florence-Darlington Technical College

Assignments will become available on the first of each month. Your cohort facilitator will determine which assignments are mandatory and which assignments are optional.

Counselor Training Class (12th Grade)

While the modules are sequenced in a manner as to guide high school seniors through the process of creating ‘High Quality’ college application packages, students may choose to navigate the classroom based on their most critical needs. More units on scholarship research will be provided over the coming weeks.

Antelope Valley College

Assignments will become available on the day of our monthly meeting. It is critical for all students to have completed the Profile Form and the Résumé activity. Contact the AVC Student Equity Office (661) 722-6300 or email