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Monthly Archives: August 2013

AP Courses: Good or Bad?

The U.S. is spending a lot of money on expanding AP course taking. The article, “Louisiana gets federal money to help poor kids take AP tests for free,” notes that Louisiana received $158,085 to cover the costs of administering advancement … Continue reading

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International Students Pursuing STEM-related Majors

The Inside Higher Ed article, “Brazil Scholarship Program Grows,” illustrates how international countries recognize that the world is flat and that more students need to pursue STEM-related majors if their countries are going to compete in the technology economy. Brazil … Continue reading

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I Got Caught Reading

In an article for UCteen, high school student, Anthony Turner, discusses how he was “caught” reading by a group of students from his high school. Anthony, who is African-American, notes: “Recently I was ‘caught’ reading at McDonald’s by a group … Continue reading

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President Obama Wants to Hold Colleges Accountable

The New York Times article, “Obama’s Plan Aims to Lower Cost of College,” outlines President Obama’s ambitious proposal to make colleges more accountable and affordable by rating them and ultimately linking those ratings to federally funded financial aid. The plan … Continue reading

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Writing a Great College Essay

There are many Internet websites offering to assist students in preparing college and scholarship essays. Subsequently, there is a great deal of advice as to what college admissions officers and scholarship providers are looking for in compelling student essays. University … Continue reading

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How Students are Paying for College

Sallie Mae and its subsidiaries manage or service $234 billion in education loans and administer $38 billion in 529 college savings plans. Members of its Upromise college savings rewards program have earned $625 million to help pay for college. Each … Continue reading

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Carefully Choose Your Classes, Teachers, and Professors

Since so many college scholarships have an academic component, either as part of the eligibility requirements or as part of the evaluation process, it is important for high school students and current college students to carefully consider classes, teachers, and … Continue reading

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